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Our History

Sometimes, a little history can help you understand the present day, and in the case of Guitar Hall, our history is crucial to understanding why we have gained such a reputation for quality and excellence over the years and why hundreds of students attend our courses every year!

It all started in the year 1998 when Mr. Kiran Roy,developed a vision of emerging into a high potential music education sector.He started his efforts in this direction by setting up his first Guitar Hall in Chembur to cater to the music training needs of everyone residing in Mumbai,offering a trendy chilled-out place along with top noth guitar training which Kiran Roy himself used to deliver.Professional music education was imparted amidst a very serene and relaxed setting and this place soon started attracting students of all age groups not only from the city but far corners of the country.Guitar Hall has grown to today’s magnitude with 20 centers all across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai,Thane,Pune, Maharashtra, Port Blair and Bhutan, 75 expert professional teachers from across the world, 6500 students currently,a massive guitar factory producing the finest ‘GH Series’ guitars in the country,contracts from the finest international schools in Mumbai to deliver music education in their schools and still incorporates the same traditions and the values set forth by this visionary.
When Guitar Hall was found,it was the time of the self taught guitar players and private teachers who used to train from their homes.Young aspiring guitarists from Mumbai, Pune and neighboring cities were searching for professional academies to release their musical goals and Guitar Hall put them on the right track.The students also accepted Guitar Hall’s teaching methods and relaxed setting whole heartedly.Training was simple then.Just Kiran Roy, an acoustic guitar,a few notation sheets and a pencil! No state-of-the-art facilities, books, instruments and branches at the best locations.
It was here and in this environment that Kiran Roy single handedly worked very hard day and night to release his dreams which turned out to be India’s first, foremost, finest and largest chain of professional music training academies and specialist guitar shops which has never been witnessed before in history.Someone rightly said,“Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is simply passing the time. Action with Vision is making a positive difference.”

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About Guitar Hall

We have more than a decade of experience in developing and delivering high-quality courses for contemporary guitarists. Guitar Hall has pioneered the teaching methods, curriculum and philosophy that have become the benchmarks for contemporary music education. We pride ourselves on being able to offer modern musicians the kind of rigorous training that conservatoires have offered classical musicians for centuries and our teaching faculty, perhaps our greatest asset, is unrivaled in Mumbai and probably anywhere in India!

The Institute was the first to offer full time programs for students of contemporary music, and we continue to innovate and develop our provision. This unrivaled experience means that our students acquire the techniques to express themselves, the tools to survive in the industry and the ability to continue to grow as their careers develop. And since we want to encourage musicians from all backgrounds and cultures to access our education, we have established a range of Modules and training programs, which are always in great demand and provide a great opportunity for talented and deserving students.

Our students experience more class time, in smaller groups, than other schools, enabling them to effectively benefit from our inspiring and challenging teaching methods. At all times, we are focused on the needs and goals of the individual; as musicians we are all on a personal journey to unlock our potential and here at the Institute, we aim to help you nurture and develop your own unique voice. And this interest and care doesn’t stop once you graduate; we work hard to make sure our alumni continue to benefit from the many opportunities that come our way.

We till this date  continue the rich heritage of our guitar teaching and  guitar training courses that began many years ago.

The Guitar Hall Experience

Combining technical and creative development with top notch training, Guitar Hall education has no parallel in India. Programs are designed to build your technique and stylistic identity as well as confidence in your abilities as a guitarist. Take the skills you develop in classes directly to the stage, learning not just how to play, but how to communicate effectively with a live audience whether you’re interpreting contemporary guitar styles or showcasing your original material. Guitar Hall’s unique creative performing environment challenges you to expand the limits of your instrument and explore your individual truth as a guitarist.

Guitar Hall was founded on two ideas: that musicianship could be taught through the music of the prevalent time; and that our students need practical, professional skills for successful, sustainable musical growth and development. While our bedrock philosophy has not changed, the music around us has and requires that we evolve with it.

For over a decade, we’ve demonstrated our commitment to this approach by wholeheartedly embracing change. We update our curriculum and technology to make them more relevant, and attract diverse students who reflect the multiplicity of influences in today’s music. We prepare our students for a lifetime of musical growth. And we are developing new initiatives to reach and influence an ever-widening audience.

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Guitar Hall – equipped for best learning experience.

More than a guitar academy, Guitar Hall has become Mumbai’s singular learning lab for the music of today—and tomorrow. We are a microcosm of the music world, reflecting the interplay between music and culture; an environment where aspiring guitarist’s learn how to integrate new ideas, adapt to changing musical genres, and showcase their distinctive skills in an evolving community. We are at the center of a widening network of industry professionals who use their openness, virtuosity, and versatility to take music in surprising new direction.

Guitar Hall attracts the most creative young guitarists  in Mumbai who know that no other music classes or institution offers such a rich diversity of training methods, modules and programs. They come here to discover their true music calling; pushing themselves past their own expectations and into the forefront of every aspect of the overall music community. We look forward to meeting you and hearing what you will personally bring to our community.

Our guitar facilities are designed to meet the needs of all the students and to maintain a student-teacher ratio of about one to six. At Guitar Hall, you get the advantages of a small college as well as experience with faculty who are some of  Mumbai’s renowned musicians. More students than ever are applying, and enrolled students are continuing on to higher modules at record rates. We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to become part of the largest community of guitarists.

Our Mission

The mission of Guitar Hall is to educate, train, and develop students of all age groups,from all walks of life to excel in guitars.

Developing the musicianship of all our students is the foundation of our curriculum. We believe that the lessons and qualities derived from that work—the self-discipline needed for excellence, the empathy required of music making and the openness and inquisitiveness essential to creativity—are critical to achievement in any pursuit, musical or otherwise; and that music is a powerful catalyst for personal growth, which is central to any learning experience.Our main goal is to impart professional training in guitars to each and every person irrespective of them having any prior knowledge in it.

With expert tutors and the backing of leading specialists and academics, the quality of our training and our enduring relationships and approachable style give Guitar Hall the human touch, designed to encourage and motivate all students to achieve their personal, vocational and professional goals.

Our Teaching Methods

The guitar has advanced far beyond the time when someone could teach himself (or herself) to become a world class player. If your ambition is to become a competent player and a competent musician, you need competent teaching. Even if your goals are more modest, you can reach those goals far more quickly, easily and efficiently with the guidance of the right teachers.

We manage and schedule new materials and effectively explain their importance and meaning. We encourage you when you are doing well and correct you when you make mistakes. We will show you how to better organize your practice materials and show you how to effectively manage your practice time (this is crucial to your progress!). They help you build up your confidence level (even if you are not consciously aware that this is happening).We will help you become secure with your technical skills so that you can execute difficult techniques on your guitar comfortably. Our teachers emphasize creativity.

We want to make sure that you fully understand what you are learning and, most importantly, teach you how to apply it by giving you detailed explanations and encouraging you to ask questions when something is unclear. We sincerely care about your musical growth and development. Our experienced and competent teachers will take you far beyond what you could learn on your own or elsewhere.

We at Guitar Hall very well know that every student is different. Each student learns and comprehends information in different ways. We understand this. We know how to explain the same information in several different ways.

Our Objectives


Guitar Hall – rich engaging curricula, the best you can get!

Guitar Hall exposes aspiring guitarists to a rich musical curriculum designed to inform as well as inspire. While attending Guitar Hall, students of all ages will have support and guidance while participating in the most informative, educational, and challenging program of their lives.

With well over 15 years of combined experience in the music field, our mentors provide the guidance, inspiration, and challenge necessary for students to take their music to the next level. During the sessions, students are given the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to become competent guitarists. At Guitar Hall, students will gain hands-on technical experience in critical areas such as recording, song-writing, marketing, music theory, and on-stage performance, as well as an understanding of the determination and dedication it takes to succeed as a guitar player.

Whether it’s pop or punk, metal or blues or our very own great Indian music, Guitar Hall provides the essential technical training and fundamental knowledge necessary for success. Above all, Guitar Hall is dedicated to the development of the whole person through mentorship with caring, supportive, and inspiration of professional musicians.

The objectives that we so keenly keep close to our heart are enlisted here:

  • To inspire, motivate, and encourage the pursuit of dreams through the support and guidance of our mentors.
  • To provide positive role models for teens.
  • To teach the basics of music theory.
  • To convey the importance of setting and reaching personal goals.
  • To develop self-discipline and commitment in our students.
  • To teach on-stage performance techniques which will help maintain focus and enable guitarists to perform under pressure.
  • To develop comprehensive fundamental skills in all aspects of music.
  • To build self-esteem and self-confidence amongst our students.
  • To explain the psychology of music and how the history of rock can aid musicians in creating the music of today.
  • To develop in our musicians the ability to channel emotion into creative artistic expression.
  • To experience the healing power of music through performance and self-expression.
  • To convey the power of music in getting your voice heard in this world.
  • To develop the collaborative abilities of our students.
  • To explain the complex business of the Indian music industry.
  • To discourage the use of drugs.
  • To stress the connection between a strong work ethic and achievement of goals.
  • To encourage strong study habits and a lifelong pursuit of knowledge.
  • To create a community atmosphere based on the belief that support and encouragement of one another is an essential part of our success.
  • To connect our musicians to their inner selves and to each other.
  • To provide referrals and access to additional lessons, instruction, advice, and guidance during the summer months.
  • To provide guidance and support for graduates who are ready to play professionally.
  • To ensure 100% academic progress rate of all our members who are students, apart from guitar learning.

Our Core Values

  • Self Discipline.
  • Commitment.
  • Collaboration.
  • Knowledge.
  • Lifelong Learning.
  • Self Confidence.
  • Ethics .
  • Integrity.
  • Goal-Setting.

Why Choose Guitar Hall?

  1. Our unrivalled track record– since 1998,we have trained more successful guitarists than anyone else in India.
  2. Guitar Hall has been chosen and awarded contracts by leading international schools to impart music education at their schools.
  3. In Mumbai, the music capital – where everything takes place. A must for networking and getting into the industry.
  4. Trained teachers and working professionals – great communicators, great players. Some of the best in the business.
  5. A resource for the industry – record companies, managers and TV shows agents know this is THE place to find new talent.
  6. Small class sizes and individual attention – we maximize your learning experience. 12 students per class maximum with 4 teachers,except in live performance classes. The tutor student ratio for the classes will remain 1:3 maximum.
  7. Students from all over India– Great for performing together and networking.
  8. Top level performance facilities.
  9. Our credibility your guarantee – our reputation is second to none.



Guitar Hall, Our commitment to excellence.

At Guitar Hall we understand the commitment that our students are making to their future, and as a result we are equally committed to creating the best teaching and learning environment possible coupled with stocking up the best guitars for sale at our boutique.

Importantly, it is easy to reach us at all of our centers – all the centers are conveniently,strategically and centrally located at prominent commercial business hubs and is well served by public transport. All our performance, practice and teaching rooms are air conditioned, sound-proofed where required and equipped to professional industry standards. And most importantly we have the best team of full time professional musicians for the teaching faculty.

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