Guitar Hall Teachers’ Biography

The teaching faculty at Guitar Hall is the best in the business in India. Here at Guitar Hall, with over a decade of experience developing courses relevant to the needs of the student and the ever-changing music industry, we have only the best team of professional musicians - all of whom are committed to helping you achieve your goals.Guitar Hall has the finest tutors in terms of playing experience,performing skills,ability to motivate and extract the best out of every student in the academy.

So whatever Guitar Hall Module you happen to be at, our teachers will be guaranteed to be of the highest possible standards. And, unlike many other schools, Guitar Hall teachers are full time professional musicians who regularly work and perform in their own right or alongside some of the greatest names and Rock bands in the business.

Santosh Malik

Santosh Malik is an avant-garde guitarist with roots in Indian classical music. He began playing guitar at the age of eighteen. By the age of twenty two he was getting recognition from local professional guitarists as a guitar improviser of …Continue reading 

Satyendra Chauhan

Mumbai based guitarist and pedagogue Satyendra Chauhan was born on 27th June ’84. He began playing  guitar in his formative years but his musical appetite quickly led him to study guitars at Guitar Hall under the expert guidance of Kiran …Continue reading

Kenil Sanghvi

Born 1987 at Mumbai, Kenil began learning guitars at the age of 12. He did well and when he was 19 he realized the need to learn music from a seasoned teacher and that made him join Guitar Hall to …Continue reading

Manish Keshri

Manish Born in Madhya Pradesh began keyboards and vocals lessons at age 9. By age 14, he was named his school Competition winner, three times for vocals and keyboards. He started playing guitars from age 15. He quickly established an …Continue reading

Jeby Jacob

Jeby Jacob is one of Mumbai’s leading exponents of the guitar. Renowned for his compelling live performances, he has performed to exceptional critical acclaim at lots of venues throughout Mumbai, winning praise for his formidable technique, outstanding musicianship and original playing style. Born in …Continue reading

Suraj Shetty

Suarj Dinakar Shetty was born on 20th of June in 1988 at Bhayandar. The influence of music came from family itself where few of his uncles were musicians, poets & owner of theater/arts company. It was in the year of …Continue reading

Parasuraman Subramanian

Parasuraman Subramanian date of birth is 20 August 1982, also known as ‘Parshu’ or ‘Satish’ among friends and relatives was born and brought up in Mumbai. Parshuraman is a multi talented person with top notch skills in guitars, keyboards, mouth …Continue reading

Toshi Zungba

Hailing from Dimapur – Nagaland, Toshi has performed in numerous successful Rock bands both in Nagaland and across India. He has also done lead guitar duties for the renowned band from Nagaland ‘LOST PARK’. This proved to be a pivotal …Continue reading

Esu Prasad Babu

Esu Prasad babu,born and brought up in Port Blair,Andaman and Nicobar islands, started learning music at the age of 11. A huge passion for learning music was in place right from a tender age. He used to spend a lot …Continue reading

Sachin Mehta

Sachin Mehta,born in Mumbai, got a taste of drums at a young age of 5.Drumming quickly became the most compelling force in Sachin’s life. He ran home from the bus stop each day to practice for as many hours as …Continue reading

Hitesh Maru

Hitesh is a Mumbai born musician who starting playing guitar at age eleven, and began playing professionally at age 16. He is a graduate from Guitar Hall completing all Modules.Following his graduation from Guitar Hall he had the privilege of …Continue reading

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