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No Shortcuts…No Quick Fixes.. Indeed!
“With a name like Guitar Hall you know you’re going to get something that you always wanted and aimed at those who want great music oriented results and are willing to work hard to get them. Learning music can be a long process and it’s inevitable that some people will lose patience along the way, so an institute like Guitar Hall is ideal to keep the enthusiasm and momentum going throughout. There’s no doubt that even the psychology of the name of the academy helps push you harder! You can’t really mess about in the academy when you are studying at Guitar Hall. One of the great things about learning music is that you can allow yourself to be immersed in the activity and take it very seriously. Giving it a full focus is a great way to achieve brilliant results and the Guitar Hall programs has really added an edge to the process.

Attending regular classes are great and definitely form the backbone of a solid music learning program, but if you’re trying to juggle life, work, family with a full on guitar learning routine, it gets hard to get a balance. Bur Guitar Hall with its variety of guitar training programs and flexible batch timings makes learning guitars easy for even the busiest of people. All in all Guitar Hall has the best teaching faculty and the facilities are top class. Personal attention from the teachers is absolutely not an issue. All teachers make sure that you’ve understood your lessons well. Sometimes there would be even 4 teachers guiding you and motivating you when you are just about to nail that all important difficult piece you are working on. I must make special mention of the fun atmosphere at Guitar Hall. It’s definitely a positive place to be in after a hard day at work. You can actually feel the stress melt away with a guitar in your hand churning out the notes.”

Quotation Source: Kashmira Bhatt -Mouthshut.com

First time in Mumbai
“The idea of guitar training for everyone is not so new. Many guitar/music teachers have been teaching from their homes and many teachers have been teaching at schools,colleges.But the training provided by Guitar Hall since more than a decade has pioneered music education in Mumbai. Guitar teachers or hobby classes, mostly, is lacking in professional training & theory . In many places the basics of music is taught with not so detailed information. The theory of music is simply not there.

Guitar Hall at Mumbai is fulfilling that need for people who are serious about studying & learning music the right way. Those who are looking for something beyond other ordinary guitar classes who claim, “Learn guitars in 30 days” and others who teach you just a few chords, scales and a few basic tunes in the first 3-4 months. Firstly let me tell you frankly you don’t need to join any classes to learn chords, scales and basic tunes. You can do that yourself at home. Always ask the classes/institutes what would be the syllabus. I did the same with all the guitar classes before stumbling upon Guitar Hall where I found the syllabus for the beginning module itself was very comprehensive and diverse, way beyond chords and scales. At Guitar Hall you start guitar playing with sight reading right from the very first day. The students are constantly monitored while they work out the lessons. Assessments are made on the skills acquired.

The Guitar Hall lessons are created with in depth study & research that’s for sure as i’v never encountered such a challenging syllabus before. The Guitar Hall tag-line,’No shortcuts…no quick fixes’ holds very true when you start studying at Guitar Hall.And the end result is that students reach a very good level after the completion of the first module itself.The faculty is trained from Guitar Hall itself who have done their training in Mumbai and also worked in Mumbai music circuit for years. That is a big advantage. Another advantage is the timings. Since it is part-time, students can have the facility of joining and attending classes anytime,apart from their daily routine. Also unlike other classes who function only once/twice a week, Guitar Hall is open throughout the week, Sunday included. So flexibility is absolutely no issue.

Guitar Hall is centrally located and people from entire Mumbai city can easily access Guitar Hall.

Students and working professionals will find the Guitar Hall syllabus and structure very useful for their career.I would recommend only serious guitar students to join Guitar Hall because as I mentioned earlier the syllabus is quite vast. Those who can’t take it can join the ‘learn guitars in 30 days’ hobby classes and learn ‘papa kehte hai bada naam karega’ from them.:-)”

Quotation Source:Vinayak Patil – Mouthshut.com

Go for it!
“Well to start with this institute Guitar Hall actually made me fulfill my long dream of playing the guitars.I came to know about Guitar Hall through a friend of mine who does bass duties for a rock band from Mumbai.Getting into the institute my musical journey began.

Frankly when i visited the place for enquiring about the fees and courses i was not quite sure that i would get attention of any sort taking into consideration the huge number of students.I enrolled neverthless keeping in mind my zest to play atleast a song on my guitar.My beginnings were quite humble so as to say.I couldnt even understand the abc of the staff/notations i was doing initially.Slowly but surely i did find my way somewhere down the line.All it takes is persistence my friends because this academy did teach me the essence of music rather than teaching me a few readymade songs.

Quotation Source: Akshay – Mouthshut.com

The best Guitar Academy in India
I am a student of GUITAR HALL.I dont make any claims of being the best guitar player around.But its only been a few months now.I am working on the first module and as i’v been practicing hard as i’v been suggested by the teachers . I actually know i can be a decent guitar player after i finish my first module looking at their accurate training and professionalism which comes with it.The syllabus is really well planned and completely international .Right dose of western classical notations and the stuff you really want to play.Just plain and clean hardcore guitar training is what you get out here!Not to mention the amazing atmosphere they have across all of their centers.It makes me feel like spending the entire day out there.The great feel out there when you go out there to learn guitars is what makes me play my guitars more and extract the best from my six string!And yes the confidence all of the tutors put in me that i can actually play like them puts GUITAR HALL right up in the top in my scheme of things.

Go for it if you seriously want to do something good in life apart from your drab and boring professional obligations.

Quotation Source: Rocky – Mouthshut.com

Guitar Hall Rocks!
Ever wished to be a Rock star..??? Well, here’s an academy that can actually make you one.It goes by the name of ’Guitar Hall’ , the best and coolest place to learn the guitars rock star style.The reason for calling it coolest and best is coz its run the international way by none other than the best guitarists in India.For a long time i’ve been looking for a proper academy that teaches guitars the way it is done internationally and trains the student in the genre he/she is interested in but no luck..One fine day i came across Guitar Hall on the net and was glad to know it was exactly what i was looking for so i immediately contacted them and enrolled and the rest is past.Today i myself play lead guitars and am part of a band and am still a part of Guitar Hall.The training at Guitar Hall is an experience in itself coz the atmosphere there is awesome and most of all the teachers who trained me are very encouraging,supportive,damn cool and bring out the best in you.Must say Guitar Hall truly Rocks..!!!

Quotation Source: Manoj Sharma

GUITAR HALL is indeed the mecca of guitar learning
GUITAR HALL… WHEW! It’s been 5 years now that i am a member.It was May 2003 that i trudged in to the Hall slinging my guitar with dreams of becoming the next best thing in the guitar world . What really struck me then was the precise training by the tutors and not to mention the excellent atmosphere out there.My first class was spent checking out Van Halen, Zakk Wlylde, Randy Rhoads, Steve Vai, Satriani, etc looking at me from the posters in the walls.

The best part about GUITAR HALL is that it’s not some teachers who teaches a few chords and scales from their residences.or some music school which delivers little bit of training for all instruments.GH has started the concept of professional guitar training right since 1998, with the GH crew specializing in only guitars,nothing else.what you get out here is in your face guitar training .. nothing else!GH also happens to be the very rare institutes who train you in staff notation format right from day 1. I am preparing for my grade 5 Trinity exams currently and i give GH full credits for bringing me to this level.

GUITAR HALL is for all of you who are in love with guitars and willing to learn it the right way.The next best part about the Hall is that you find a diverse mix of students.You would be learning alongside doctors,naval officers,army majors,CA’s(i am one myself),designers,actors…u name it.

The GH syllabus consist of 4 modules and a student can reach a decent level after the completion of the first module.
Highly recommended for anyone who wants to play this beautiful instrument.

Quotation Source: Hitesh Borhade

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