Hitesh Maru

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Hitesh is a Mumbai born musician who starting playing guitar at age eleven, and began playing professionally at age 16. He is a graduate from Guitar Hall completing all Modules.Following his graduation from Guitar Hall he had the privilege of joining the ranks of the other Guitar Hall teachers as a full time guitar trainer. He is also a singer/songwriter and has performed numerous solo concerts of his original material in various locations around India. In addition, he has served as a guitarist in a number of various situations and venues.

Hitesh is an experienced teacher and has taught many students to play guitar over the years. He enjoys teaching students of all ages, children through adults (you’re never too old to start learning guitar!), absolute beginners through advanced.Hitesh loves teaching both acoustic and electric guitar, and a wide range of styles.Hitesh has extensive experience working with students of all age groups.

Sachin Mehta

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Sachin Mehta,born in Mumbai, got a taste of drums at a young age of 5.Drumming quickly became the most compelling force in Sachin’s life. He ran home from the bus stop each day to practice for as many hours as possible before his parents returned from work. Formal instruction came in the form of lessons with Mr. Rajnikant Patil where he learnt the Trinity college London grades and while in High School, Sachin expanded his music knowledge by being actively involved in various school bands. He practiced under different drummers who inspired him and brought on a wide variety of drumming styles.Soon thereafter as soon as he stepped into college, he embarked on a learning journey under Mr. Gino Banks who is his metor and teacher till this date.Ever since Sachin got his first drumset, he has been excitedly passing on his drumming knowledge to anyone who will listen! His first “students” were his brother, his high school friends, and the son of an acquaintance of his mother. In 2004, this enthusiasm for spreading the love of drumming led him to begin a career as a teacher. Since then,Sachin has gone on to become one of Mumbai City’s most in-demand drum instructors, sometimes teaching as many as 50 or more students per week. 2009 opened a new chapter in Sachin’s life when he was appointed as the Head of the Drums Department at Guitar Hall.

Sachin has performed professional concerts with many noted Bollywood artists including industry heavyweights like Asha Bhosle.Apart from being a full time drums teacher at Guitar Hall,Sachin is also the drummer for the Rock band ‘Lust Of Symphony’ which comprises of Guitar Hall teachers including Guitar Hall founder Kiran Roy.As always,Sachin has maintained his passion for music and drumming, and still strives to constantly become a better musician,performer and teacher.

Toshi Zungba

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Hailing from Dimapur – Nagaland, Toshi has performed in numerous successful Rock bands both in Nagaland and across India. He has also done lead guitar duties for the renowned band from Nagaland ‘LOST PARK’. This proved to be a pivotal point in confirming Toshi’s status as a rising guitar virtuoso.

Toshi started playing guitars at the age of fourteen and he was immediately hooked and developed an obsession for practice, learning everything and anything he could get his hands on. Guitar Techniques formed a huge part of Toshi’s growth in the early years allowing him to learn solos and concepts of guitar greats.Though mainly self taught he has studied and jammed under distinguished guitarists from Nagaland.

He has forged his own guitar playing style by drawing influence from many of the guitar greats most particularly Vinnie Moore, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert and Eric Johnson but it is his individual lead guitar skill that pushes all his talents to the front.

Toshi currently is a part of the newly formed instrumental Rock band which also features guitar virtuoso’s Kiran Roy and Dhruv Rathod on the Lead Guitars and Aman Gujral on the Bass.

He manages a hectic teaching schedule across various Guitar Hall centers in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai and has an enviable reputation as a leading exponent of contemporary rock guitar. Toshi says, “To be a guitar student it makes no difference what your age is, At Guitar Hall I have trained students who started playing guitar in their 70s and have turned out to be very good players, I have also taught children from as young as 4 years old they too have turned out to be very talented players.”

Esu Prasad Babu

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Esu Prasad babu,born and brought up in Port Blair,Andaman and Nicobar islands, started learning music at the age of 11. A huge passion for learning music was in place right from a tender age. He used to spend a lot of time from his childhood in God,prayers and Music under the guidance of his church Pastor Rev.J.Aaron Raj, who was his first teacher and he was the person who introduced him to Guitar playing. Apart from learning Guitar and Keyboard in his church he also took a lot of interest in song writing and composing music for church congregation/mass during his teen years.

At the Outset, he did not have a standard Instrument of his own except a mini keyboard, however he learned keyboard and guitar in his church and got well versed with both the instruments by the time he turned 18.Apart from learning music he also performed regularly in his college (J.N.R.M Degree college,Port Blair) and also got involved with Local Doordarshan Programme and All India Radio, Port Blair as an instrument player.

In the year 2005, he was invited to join “Star Orchestra” a local music group for part time job as a Keyboard Player, after that he worked with many Groups in Andaman for Music Assistance, also gave background music for local Telefilms and Live stage Shows like Drama, Plays.

It was around this time he came to know about Guitar Hall being India’s number one school of music and he decided to fly all the way to Mumbai from Port Blair to get trained under the able guidance of Kiran Roy and Dhruv Rathod.For the next six years he continued coming to Mumbai to complete all the Guitar Hall Modules.Esu says, “Inspite of already having a vast experience in learning and playing music I felt the need for professional guidance, so I went to ‘Guitar Hall’ where I got a totally new experience of learning Music with wonderful teachers and specially Mr.Kiran Roy Sir, who has showed me a new way to reach my goals and showed me nothing is impossible in life if you have the right attitude and if you are ready to work hard,very hard.Santosh,Chetan,Aman, Dhruv they all are dynamic musicians and all of the teachers from Guitar Hall have supported me to step forward in learning & teaching Music as their own family members. There I have successfully completed my advanced level programs.”

Apart from doing the advanced level courses at Guitar Hall, In the year 2009 Esu alongwith his musical partner Mr.Murugan together formed a music Group’Island Rock Band Social &Cultural Association’-(A troupe of Island Born Musician/Singers/Artists) and got registred with A&N Admn.and till this date they are running It successfully for the harmony of Local Islanders and General Public.

Presently Esu is the man in charge of Guitar Hall – Port Blair and his center teaches Guitar, Keyboard, drums,tabla, congo,trumpets and vocals in Andaman &Nicobar Islands. “It is all because of the gracious support of Mr.Kiran Sir and Guitar Hall and I am in a position to work in the field of music for the cultural harmony of people of Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Guitar Hall can’t help but say ‘May his tribe increase’!

Suraj Shetty

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Suarj Dinakar Shetty was born on 20th of June in 1988 at Bhayandar. The influence of music came from family itself where few of his uncles were musicians, poets & owner of theater/arts company. It was in the year of 1995, when he first started his music lessons in vocals & harmonium alongside elder brother on tabla in Hindustani classical music under guruji Budhaji Bhoir, in Manikpur, Vasai W. In the year 2000, from Dahisar, sir M.S.Kamath who was in his rough times would still come to teach him. Though training under him was only for short time, but he taught the important part which Suraj was neglecting: Ear training & application.
In 2001, went to Ragini A. Mishra,Mira-rd for same (vocals & harmonium).
In 2007, after being a regular rock/metal lover, to learn basic structures of western music, took basic guitar training from Teemeer (,vocalist-cum-lead guitarist for bands like SCEPTRE,CIRKLE).
Later on in the same year picked up on keyboards & learnt further theories & western classical under Asmith Devraj (an eclectic guitarist specially good in jazz &western classical).
By the end of 2008, started learning by self on keyboards &played for few alt & black metal bands.
A major part of improvement in both theories,practical &usage of synths/workstations came while working at Yamaha-Furtados Music Square,J.V.P.D. (2009: April-July;2010: June-August).
Currently working on a band playing progressive-indian classical-gothic-post grunge kind of music (we read it just music in short).
Musical influences: Pt. Shivkumar Sharma, Pt. Ravi Shankar, Zakir Hussain,
Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Children Of Bodom, System OF a Down, Deep-Purple, Godsmack, C.O.F., Dream Theater, Dragonforce, Evanescence, The Rasmus and C&C.

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