Jeby Jacob

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Jeby Jacob is one of Mumbai’s leading exponents of the guitar. Renowned for his compelling live performances, he has performed to exceptional critical acclaim at lots of venues throughout Mumbai, winning praise for his formidable technique, outstanding musicianship and original playing style.

Born in Mumbai, Jeby has been playing guitars since the past 8 years and the drums since the past 4 years.He has been teaching guitars since the past 5 years. After quitting a corporate job which he has been doing since 5 years, Jeby has settled to a fulltime career as a musician/teacher, like all of the Guitar Hall teachers.

Jeby is one of the finest ever guitar teachers to join the Guitar Hall chain of academies and has gained a reputation as one of Mumbai’s most respected guitar teachers, with a rare gift for inspiring young people and players of all levels.

As a guitarist Jeby has received  recognition for his highly innovative guitar compositions which draw on the rich traditions of the instrument and combine them with popular contemporary influences and extended techniques. He currently helps run the guitar programme at Guitar Hall Powai, where, being an accomplished drummer, he also takes improvisation, aural and drums  musicianship classes. He is widely sought after as an educator and is an integral part of the Guitar Hall teaching team.

Manish Keshri

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Manish Born in Madhya Pradesh began keyboards and vocals lessons at age 9. By age 14, he was named his school Competition winner, three times for vocals and keyboards. He started playing guitars from age 15. He quickly established an affinity with the instrument. By his teenage years, he was practicing 4-5 hours a day. and by the time he turned 18, he started teaching guitars and keyboards at various music classes as well as performing in various concerts in Madhya Pradesh. Feeling the need to take his playing to a different level altogether he shifted base to Mumbai and joined Guitar Hall as a student and under the able guidance of all the Guitar Hall teachers, Manish was able burst through a different plateau altogether in guitar playing and also earning him a place in the famed Guitar Hall Teachers list.

Manish came to the Academy with an impressive background of teaching and performing and today Manish enjoys teaching guitars and keyboards to students of all ages and abilities, with an emphasis on both intermediate and advanced students who exhibit a strong desire. Manish’s mission as a teacher is to pass on to young players of all abilities, the gifts of deep technical insight, musicianship and strong work ethics. Manish strives to provide a clear advantage for his students in order to enhance their accomplishments in both musical performance and life. Manish’s knowledge of music theory and versatility as a guitarist and keyboard teacher makes him an asset to Guitar Hall.

Satyendra Chauhan

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Mumbai based guitarist and pedagogue Satyendra Chauhan was born on 27th June ’84. He began playing  guitar in his formative years but his musical appetite quickly led him to study guitars at Guitar Hall under the expert guidance of Kiran Roy. He has had the privilege of studying with other Guitar Hall teachers such as:  Dhruv Rathod, Santosh Malik, Oais Halim, etc. Always keeping an open mind and humbleness about him has helped him to keep learning new things on and about the guitar.

Satyendra studied MSC in Swami Vivekanand College and loved music since his schooldays but parents urged him to study well. Satyendra Likes Pink Floyd, Guns and Roses, Metallica, System of a down, Eagles, Oasis. Despite the academic and professional achievements of Satyendra , he still has a personality and is a down-to-earth and fun guy. Satyendra believes you should have internal motivation, and passion to play guitar, and most definitely, it should be fun!

As with his playing, Satyendra will find new ways to show you how to get the most out of your time learning guitar! Satyendra is a blessing to the Guitar Hall team.

Kenil Sanghvi

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Born 1987 at Mumbai, Kenil began learning guitars at the age of 12. He did well and when he was 19 he realized the need to learn music from a seasoned teacher and that made him join Guitar Hall to learn music under the expert guidance of Kiran Roy. Soon after in his quest for excellence, he completed the intermediate Guitar Hall Modules. Through this, Kenil began his journey into an unprecedented study at Guitar Hall that challenged his ability in ways he never thought possible. Learning at Guitar Hall changed and reshaped his musical life in a way that set his goals toward a greater world view: “My problem was that I needed to expand my musical endeavors. I fell in love with Guitar Hall, and the results just floored me at how great the modules and syllabus were! After that, I decided to venture into advanced modules at Guitar Hall, and that lead me to investigate styles of music which I never thought I would be learning.” Kenil fell in love with Guitar Hall, and began a study in what he calls “The hardest form of guitar music to ever grace my fingers.” Eventually after he completed all the Modules at Guitar Hall Kenil’s  love of teaching music lead him to start teaching at Guitar Hall. “Teaching is bit of a selfish job: I get to do something I genuinely love, while learning more about it myself, bettering my teaching skills, and my playing ability. Simply put, I have the best job in the world and it’s an honor teaching at Guitar Hall.”  Kenil now spends his time teaching at Guitar Hall and performing with his Rock band. Kenil was named top in his class at Guitar Hall for music study, composition and virtuoso guitar performance.

Santosh Malik

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Santosh Malik is an avant-garde guitarist with roots in Indian classical music. He began playing guitar at the age of eighteen. By the age of twenty two he was getting recognition from local professional guitarists as a guitar improviser of accomplished technique with an unmistakable touch, a highly individual tone and an inventive use of slides and pull-offs.

Santosh Malik was born in 1979. No one in his family was at all musical and Santosh seemed impressed by the classical music that surrounded him, with him having taken classical vocal training since an early age. There was a family tradition of creativity — woodworking, art, writing — and in his teens Santosh’s inheritance of this creativity began to show itself in guitars. He has performed stage shows with top singers as a vocalist. Doing stage shows Santosh also taught classical vocals at Nalanda Music & Arts College for three years. Feeling the need to take his guitar playing to the next level, Santosh shifted base to Mumbai to study guitars at Guitar Hall in 2006. Sometime after his first year of study at Guitar Hall and to everyone’s amazement, he suddenly became a technically accomplished guitarist. He began to develop his own touch and tone on the strings producing a sound rather different than others. He became adept at sculpting the guitars voice. Very often students who were at Guitar Hall would linger if Santosh were playing, and paid him very nice compliments which prompted him to take up studying music very seriously. By 2009 he completed all of the Modules and began teaching at Guitar Hall. Eventually his teacher and mentor Kiran Roy gave up on lessons at Guitar Hall and simply invited Santosh to jam with him.

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