Acquiring an accurate map

Why you need professional guidance?

Acquire an accurate map i.e. professional training.

Imagine you are taking a trip to an important destination inside an unfamiliar city without an accurate map? Now imagine the city is filled with hundreds of thousands of other people, 99.8% are also lost and without an accurate map. Asking people for directions would seem rather hopeless. If you tried asking other people in the city for advice, the result would be “The blind leading the blind”. To make matters worse, imagine that reading and understanding a map of this city is very different from all other maps you may have seen. It seems obvious that in order to arrive at the correct destination, one should first acquire an accurate map.

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Yet, most people seeking to “make it” to a decent level in guitar learning, wander around the proverbial city without an accurate map. (It’s no wonder most parents don’t approve of their kid’s desire to pursue a music career in India.) With an incorrect map, your skills, talents, attitude, and determination won’t help you reach your destination. Without a correct map, nothing else matters. You may try harder to improve your musical skills, buy the best guitar on the market, surf the net and download thousands of guitar  lessons, put in long hours of practice, but if the map is inaccurate none of these things matter. You could try to improve your positive mental attitude, your faith, your determination and perseverance, though you will only arrive at the wrong place faster.

… If you have a correct map (read professional training), THEN your musical knowledge, skills and talents matter. A positive attitude and a focused mindset, backed by determination now can make a significant difference, but only if you have an accurate map. An accurate map in this case refers to immaculate training, guidance and mentoring.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to travel into an unfamiliar city with a bad map, or no map at all. It’s sad to see good people with good intentions (many of whom also possess a lot of musical talent) aimlessly search for a way to “make it” without an accurate map. We at Guitar Hall are absolutely not convinced that “guessing” or “assuming” are the best ways to achieve a life’s dream/goal, leave alone guitar learning. Yes, this webpage was filled with metaphors and an analogy to drive home our point that may seem a bit strange but the bottom line is: if you want to be a decent guitar player, the paths become much easier to navigate when you seek professional training. First to understand music through accurate knowledge and then to take consistent-focused-effective actions.

How to play the guitar is one of the most interesting and exciting activities you can ever do during your lifetime. It is a rewarding experience, yet a very intimidating endeavor as playing the guitar is not just a matter of studying at the best academies and learning from the best guitarists in India, but really a long process at the same time.

Yes, learning how to play the guitar is a long process wherein students need to exert effort and time just to perfect the craft. It is also a process that demands great attention and interest, two of the factors that trigger even professional guitarists till this date to practice and practice. So when you hear someone saying that you can learn the art of playing guitar in just a matter of an hour by following some instructions, then don’t just easily believe them. Fact is, you can’t just learn the craft by just sitting on one corner following some instructions and guides and out of an hour you are playing it like a pro. Practice makes perfect, as the popular adage says. We at Guitar Hall firmly believe in Practice makes perfect!

Sure, you’ve dreamed of making millions being a rock star, playing in huge stadiums across the world, and hanging out with all kinds of famous people. As nice as this would be, it is probably not the best reason to start learning the guitar or any other musical instrument for that matter.  There are many advantages to learning how to play the guitar, and if you end up being a famous rock star or a famous guitarist then you can tack that onto the list as well.

Learning the guitar is a large task to undertake. It may come quicker to some than others, but it is very difficult, especially at first. Pushing through this initial stage of learning notes, chords, building flexibility in your hands, and mastering the coordination it takes to play can be very unnerving. But pushing through all of this can teach a very valuable lesson, to never give up.

It enhances your brain. Guitar requires a lot of memorization. You will memorize chord charts, scales, note patterns, grades and entire songs. This isn’t meant to sound like a lot of work, learning all of these will improve your playing and is actually surprisingly fun.

Yes, It’s fun! Although it may seem like a lot of work, but practicing and learning songs is fun. Playing in a band or just playing some songs alone in the warm confines of your privacy or with your friends is a blast as well. It’s always cool when you start playing a song and 4 or 5 other people start singing along with your playing!

It is also very self gratifying; nothing feels as good as practicing a song for hours, and then playing it in front of a crowd to hundreds of impressed people. Even if it is only in front of a few friends or just yourself, you will always feel great when you nail that one song you’ve been working on for months. Becoming a great guitar player is not going to come easy, it’s going to require a lot of practice and hard work, so don’t get discouraged, especially when you first start out. Professionals at Guitar Hall make it look easy, but it took years upon years of constant practice to be as good as they are, but if you put your mind to it and really dedicate yourself you can do it. You can take playing guitar as far as you want, or you may only want to keep it a hobby in your free time, no matter which direction you take it, you won’t regret it.

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