Welcome to Guitar Hall, Pune. If you’re ready to rock n roll and learn some awesome music, you’ve come the right place. Let’s make this very simple, we teach guitar in the easiest and simple manner. We’re located at Senapati Bapat Road, the heart of Pune so it’s pretty much easy to reach from any part of the city. From Monday to Monday, our doors are open for music and so are our hearts to teach. Classes at Guitar Hall Pune aren’t just about learning the skills, they are a gateway to the world of music & rhythm. So come on over and let’s make some music.

Why Join Guitar Hall Pune

  •  Proven learning methodology
  •  Scientific approach towards learning
  •  Highly skilled and experienced faculty
  •  In-depth learning of various genres of music
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  •  Up to date knowledge bank
  •  Good quality instruments
  •  Central location
  •  Timing flexibility for students
  •   Value for money
  •  Knowledge at its best
  •  Personalised attention to every student
  •  Every student will get 1 dedicated hour of learning from faculty
  •  Multiple avenues provided to students to showcase talent

Salient Features

Schedule & Syllabus:

We at Guitar Hall schedule the introduction of new material and explain its intricacies and nuances. We encourage you when you are on the right track and quickly correct you when you go wrong, showing you how to study efficiently. Training at Guitar Hall is a unique blend of exercises to gain finger dexterity, knowledge of scales and chords, knowledge of playing music of the genre the member is interested in; stress being laid on Western Classical Notations/Grades. By covering all these points, we ensure that members are able to have an excellent understanding of how to master the guitar

Individual Attention:

The tutors at Guitar Hall make sure that each student has understood her/his lessons well before the session is would up. They are treated with just the right ambience and accompanied by like-minded guitar lovers to guide them through their learning.

Structured Learning Program

Module 1 (3 Months / 24 Sessions)

Module 1 consists of fundamentals of music as applied to guitars. It comprises of the Guitar Primer, Grade 1, Chord formation and patterns, scales and theory and several exercises. The Guitar Primer and Grade 1 teaches you the core basics of guitar playing which involves western classical notations, timing, chord progression and ear training. The Module 1 also involves introduction to lead guitar techniques and playing songs of various genres.

Learning Outcome:

       Students will be proficient with basics of guitar and able to play simple songs

Module 2 (4 Months / 32 Sessions)

Introduction of Grade 2, Grade 3 and practical applications of guitar techniques and various rhythm patterns. It emphasises on various scales (minors, majors, diminished pentatonic, etc) arpeggios, modes, keys, advanced right hand techniques, advanced left hand techniques.

Learning Outcome:

       Students will be able to play complex songs of various genres

Module 3 (6 Months / 48 Sessions)

It involves Grade 4, Grade 5 and advance theories. It consists of lots of interactive training like jamming with the faculty and exploring their own personal capabilities, improvisation techniques and Solo Lead Guitar Techniques.

Learning Outcome:

       Students will have improved their skills and be ready to perform live & create their own music as well 

Module 4 (6 Months / 48 Sessions)

It consists of Grade 6, Grade 7 and Grade 8. It involves hardcore training about composing music, songwriting and ear training and also several studio visits will also get an opportunity to record your first song.

Learning Outcome:

       Students will be equipped with the necessary skills to pursue a career in professional music.


Contact :

Guitar Hall Pune

102 Corporate Plaza,

Senapati Bapat Road,

Near Chaturshringi Temple,

Pune 411016

TEL:  +91 9850076511

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