Harmonica Mouth Organ Course

Course Contents :

  • Introduction to Chromatic Harmonica
  • Music Theory
  • Identification of notes
  • Understanding of notation system (western and Indian Notation)
  • Scale playing
  • ‘Blow’ ‘Draw’ exercises
  • Playing short tunes of Hindi / English songs with increase in difficulty level.
  • Ear Training skills which  will help students to identify notes on their own and play the song.
  • Playing songs with more than one verse i.e ‘Antra’ and ‘Mukhda’ (Playing continuously for    minimum of 2 minutes or more)
  • Playing medley i.e combining tunes of 2 or more songs and playing them one after the   other  (Timing can range between 3 – 4 minutes).

* Course duration can be extended  on quarterly basis (after 4 months) if students wish to learn   new songs of their choice.

* Separate Course held for Guitar + Harmonica (Dual Instrumental) also. Applicable for  students    who have done basic course in Guitar and Harmonica.

Course Fees: Rs.8,500/- (4 Months)
Would be held once a week for 1 Hour @ our below branches:
Chembur, Santacruz, Thane


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