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keyboard-x-3 5-small-bannerKeyboard-X – Institute of Keyboards

Keyboard – X, is an optimum Keyboards training lab, providing the optimum learning environment for all of our students. We are dedicated to the art of teaching. We have a commitment to excellence and achievement. And that means great teachers, great facilities and of course great gear. We are delighted that India’s best teachers play a crucial role in imparting music education at our academy.

The fully accredited Modules are designed to equip keyboard players with the professional skills and awareness required by today’s times and standards.

The Modules consist of a 4 level qualification. Drawing on 11 years of professional experience, the curriculum offers structured, ‘hands-on’ education. communicate musically and be creatively self-sufficient. It is packed with concepts, techniques, theory and performances, covering virtually every aspect of modern keyboard playing.

There are no age limits or academic prerequisites. Students who successfully complete the respective Modules will be awarded the Keyboard – X Certificate and mark sheet as well as the Guitar Hall award for outstanding performance.

As part of the Performance Modules you are eligible to apply for Trinity College Exams. These are internationally recognized qualifications from one of the world’s leading examination boards.

Our Highlights.

  • Flexible Timings.
  • Certificate programs & courses.
  • Fully Air-Conditioned & productive atmosphere.
  • Extensive Facilities & cutting edge technology.
  • Personal & dedicated attention to every student.
  • Full Time Counseling.
  • Multiple keyboard training Programs (Module 1 to Module 4 and other programs).
  • Study Material and supplements.
  • International Certification.
  • Practice Rooms & Instruments.
  • Music Competitions with press coverage.
  • Studio recording Exposure.
  • Live performance platform.
  • Band Formation.
  • Training for Trinity College London Grades.
  • Mentoring & scholarship for deserving students.
  • Audio/visual presentations.
  • Interactive keyboard workshops.

Course Overview


Keyboard Techniques: It focuses specifically upon the mechanical, physical and ergonomic principles of your playing technique. The course is designed to help you remove the technical barriers that most frequently prevent effective self-expression on the instrument. This is done by progressively developing aspects of your playing such as co-ordination, control, speed and endurance. You will concentrate specifically on scales, arpeggios, chords and their voicings, developing them to an advanced level for specific styles to solo over complex chord changes.

  • Keyboard Concepts: Keyboard Accompaniment: Versatility equals Gig ability! As a professional keyboard player you will need to be able to play a variety of styles effectively, whether part of a rhythm section or as a solo accompaniment. You will study rhythm, time and feel as well as both cutting edge and classic styles. The styles covered include pop, rock, R&B, fusion, Latin and jazz, as well as some of the less mainstream styles, techniques and vocabulary. You will also examine the prominent players to build a fundamental understanding and historical perspective.
  • Keyboard Concepts: Vocabulary and Improvisation. The conceptual teaching at the core of this class will give you the tools to be totally creative in your own right. You will learn to develop vocabulary, create phrases, and improvise. Studying the improvisational approach and solos of the greats will build a fundamental understanding of each style. It will simultaneously develop your dexterity and co-ordination in any musical situation.
  • General Musicianship: Harmony & Theory: We believe in the practical application of modern harmony and theory – off the page and onto the keyboard. You will study major and minor harmony (scales, chords, modes, arpeggios) and their application to all the key styles.
  • General Musicianship: Aural: For your playing to fit musically, you need to train your ears to hear with great detail and accuracy. You will study the recognition of intervals, chords, arpeggios and harmonic progressions.
  • General Musicianship: Transcribing, Arranging & Composing: Starting by transcribing keyboard, bass and drum parts, you will look at specific arrangements to identify the mechanisms that will enable you to write your own compositions. Transcribing, Arranging and Composing develops stylistically over the three terms and draws directly on both your aural ability and understanding of theory.
  • Sight Reading: Notation: This class covers all the rudiments of sight-reading by breaking music down into pitch (note recognition, intervals, key signatures) and rhythm (note values, rests, time signatures).
  • Sight Reading: Chart Reading: As well as being able to read standard notation, you need to be able to handle charts and make them come alive. The process of deconstructing music at sight is studied in detail so that you very quickly learn to interpret written music into songs and tunes. You will concentrate on structure, sections, signs, dynamics and how to interpret rhythm hits. You will also combine the reading of chord charts with rhythm skills in a variety of styles.
  • Keyboard performance: Rhythm Section Skills: This class is the in-depth study of the interaction within the rhythm section. The lesson includes intensive performance with our top quality instructors, concentrating on the time, feel, groove and techniques of each performed piece. Using materials, concepts and styles studied in other classes we apply them in a pro playing environment.
  • Keyboard performance: Live Performance Workshop + Live Performance Workshop Prep. Your ultimate goal is to be a performer. At Keyboard – X you will learn great techniques and develop your musical knowledge. The point where these two come together is on stage. Live performances unite students from Keyboard – X and Guitar Hall to build confidence and create that crucial interaction with the rest of the band. You will focus on performing, showmanship and the right mental approach.

Designed and written following a decade of experience in training musicians , this is the Ultimate Course in Contemporary Music Performance.

The aim – to create the ultimate modern musician. You will gain mastery of your instrument and command skills in performance, composition, arrangement, programming and business that will truly set you apart.

As part of the Master Performance Course you are eligible to apply for Trinity College Exams. These are internationally recognized qualifications from one of the world’s leading examination boards.

Beginner’s Module

Module 1 (3 Months)  – 24 Sessions – Rs. 8500/-

Intermediate Module

Module 2 (4 Months) – 32 Sessions – Rs. 11,500/-

Advanced Modules

Module 3 (6 Months) – 48 Sessions – Rs. 17,000/-
Module 4 ( 6 Months) – 48 Sessions – Rs. 19,000/-

Modes Of Payment:

Payment can be made in cash,cheque and we accept all credit and debit cards.
Cheques must be drawn in favour of ‘Guitar Hall’.

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