Toshi Zungba

Hailing from Dimapur – Nagaland, Toshi has performed in numerous successful Rock bands both in Nagaland and across India. He has also done lead guitar duties for the renowned band from Nagaland ‘LOST PARK’. This proved to be a pivotal point in confirming Toshi’s status as a rising guitar virtuoso.

Toshi started playing guitars at the age of fourteen and he was immediately hooked and developed an obsession for practice, learning everything and anything he could get his hands on. Guitar Techniques formed a huge part of Toshi’s growth in the early years allowing him to learn solos and concepts of guitar greats.Though mainly self taught he has studied and jammed under distinguished guitarists from Nagaland.

He has forged his own guitar playing style by drawing influence from many of the guitar greats most particularly Vinnie Moore, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert and Eric Johnson but it is his individual lead guitar skill that pushes all his talents to the front.

Toshi currently is a part of the newly formed instrumental Rock band which also features guitar virtuoso’s Kiran Roy and Dhruv Rathod on the Lead Guitars and Aman Gujral on the Bass.

He manages a hectic teaching schedule across various Guitar Hall centers in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai and has an enviable reputation as a leading exponent of contemporary rock guitar. Toshi says, “To be a guitar student it makes no difference what your age is, At Guitar Hall I have trained students who started playing guitar in their 70s and have turned out to be very good players, I have also taught children from as young as 4 years old they too have turned out to be very talented players.”

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